Steps to Sell Your Home

Before you start making repairs on your home and doing open houses, you must develop a home selling plan. Whether you are moving to another neighborhood or relocating to another city, please follow these steps to avoid costly mistakes:

    What is my home worth?
  1. Decide where and when do you want to make the final move. If it is in the same city, make sure the sale of your existing home does not depend of the purchase of your next home. Stress can be reduced by selling first and then taking your time to select and buy your next home. If you prefer do everything at the same time, anticipate a lot of stress and plan for contingencies if your home does not close or the closing is delayed. If you are in a position to buy without the urgency of selling, you will be at an advantage throughout both transactions. If you are relocating to another city, plan to visit at least once before your final move and become familiar with the area. Get to know the location of your favorite stores, neighborhood schools, commuting routes, etc. It will make your move less stressful.
  2. Once you have figured out when and where you want to move, it time to choose the real estate agent who will help you to sell, buy or relocate to another city.
  3. Now with your Realtor, figure out how much your home is worth.
  4. Start the staging of your home and do any necessary repairs. Please refer to our Seller's Guide, 31 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast.
  5. Market your home and prepare for an Open House.
  6. Be prepared to received offers, negotiate, and accept the final offer.
  7. Make your home available for appraisal and inspection appointments.
  8. Negotiate with buyers and make repairs as required in order to close the sale.
  9. Be ready for closing and signing of documents.