Destination Tucson Arizona!!!!

Destination Tucson!  Newcomer to Native.

Its has been 4 months since i move to Tucson, AZ with the dream to start a new family  with my husband , my dog and my cat. Since living in Miami for almost 13 years please excuse me  if my spanglish it’s more Spanish than English  because  Anyway i am sure you will catch the meaning .

Adjusting to life in Tucson has been surprisingly  easy, I set up my Real Estate Company, I have some  Friends and i began to working showing houses. I realize that here everything its close, No highways, No I-95, and No turnpike; just very nice streets with no rush hours. I Think I am in love with this city, The mountains, the sunsets, the cactus, the styles of the homes, the food  etc  I just like everything here. I think that again moving to a new city has turned my personal love and enjoyment of  exploring new places, new cultures and new people.

In Tucson i feel my Hispanic traditions, the vibrant colors,  and the slower pace of life. My Vistas have turned  on again back to the small towns where everybody know who is who and where is working, definitely the southwest has touched my spirit in a green way.

My next destination is making you read all my web I am sure if you are a native  tucsonan living here  10-20-30 years ago or all your live; you may  forgot to appreciate  the amazing southwest architectural styles of the homes and  the historic neighborhoods. Maybe you can take a trip around the Presidio, The Barrio Viejo, Colona Solana, El Encanto…. Its Not FAR away, its very close and even with all the construction going on in Downtown still is not a lot of  trafic !!!!

Take the trip again to re-discover  This Great Desert City Tucson Arizona.

Stay Tune for my Next International Real Estate Destination “” The White Towns” South of Spain.

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